NBA Spreads

Betting the spread is without a doubt the most popular form of NBA basketball betting. The spread is the difference in points that is given to the underdog as a handicap. The favourite must win by more than the spread and the underdog must lose by less than the spread (or win). For a more in depth explanation of NBA spreads, check out the NBA spreads explained page, or this page on  Below is a list of the NBA betting lines taken from  These odds include the NBA spreads for the nights games.

Find NBA Spreads

The best place to look for NBA spreads is at, the most respected and trustworthy sportsbook online. Bookmaker’s motto is “where the line originates” so they are almost always the first online sportsbook to provide spreads for NBA games. Bookmaker allows all visitors, with or without a Bookmaker account, to view their NBA spread betting lines. They also accept players from everywhere in the world, including the United States at their sportsbook. Visit to find up to date NBA spreads.

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Why Bet on NBA Spreads?

Betting on NBA spreads is a great way to add excitement to your NBA viewing.  It is also a great way to bet on underdogs because even if they are outclassed you can win your wager if they can keep the game close.  Similarly, it’s a great way to bet on favourites because the amount of money you win is basically equal to the amount you wagered.  This is the main problem with making moneyline wagers on favourites because what you win is often peanuts compared to what you risk.  Spreads are great because they even the playing field and allow for a more interesting betting experience because either team could win.

Best Online Sportsbook for NBA Betting

In my opinion is the best sportsbook for NBA spreads betting.  Bookmaker is one of the most respected sportsbooks online and SBR has backed up this claim by awarding Bookmaker a highly saught after A+ review.  Bookmaker prides themselves on being the first online sportsbook to generate betting lines for NBA games.  They also pride themselves on offering fair lines to their bettors.

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In terms of NBA betting, Bookmaker offers lines on every single game for the entire season and playoffs, as well as live lines during games and many player prop bets to keep you interested.  Of course, Bookmaker also offers NBA futures betting so you can win big if your team makes a run for the NBA championship this year.